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Anol el Pemu

A multifaceted artist, originating from a small village in Camerun, Arnaud Raphael Pemutet, alias Anol el Pemu, is not only known for his paintings, but also as a talented guitarist and musician. His reputation extends far beyond the borders of Burkina Faso, where he lives currently.

Anol’s artistic career started at the early age of ten years old, when his paintings began to attract the attention of his teachers. Even then he started with chalk, charcoal pencils and recycled waste, that he integrated in his works. In 2000, the young and cosmopolitan artist went on an expedition with a small suitcase and his guitar. He wanted to gain new inspirations and began a journey throughout the African continent from Benin, Togo, Nigeria to Burkina Faso.

In 2004 Anol opened his second artist’s workshop "La Folie de l'Art." A year later his works were exhibited in France, and this was the first time they were exhibited outside his home country. It was also in France where he performed his first concerts. Anol’s style is abstract and representational; that’s to say, the paintings are decorated with interesting colour compositions which leaves ample room for the viewer's imagination.

Permanent Exhibitions of international Artists

Ana Luisa Benitez
The Canarian musician, painter and sculptor is represented by several exhibits; with her most famous work being "The Blue Rider". Just last year the Gabinete Literario, in Las Palmas, organized a special exhibition with her works of art.
Dieter Borst
His style is attributable to nonrepresentational art. Borst reduces his vast perspective and experience to an abstract minimum, which may appear to be arranged accidentally, but actually has a deeper significance. In the United States, "Art Scouts" have become aware of his paintings.
Arno Breker

Sculptor and architect Arno Breker, born in Elberfeld in 1900, gained his popularity for his art during the National Socialism Period (trendsetting art of 'new German style') as a controversial artist. His figures, which parallel Greek sculptures, were considered to be ideal of a racial doctrine of 'healthy, archaic human type', by the National Socialism. After the war, Breker fled to Bavaria as he was classified as a proponent of denazification, because he saved German publisher, Peter Suhrkamp; ​​just as he saved Pablo Picasso from the Gestapo.

For his monumental figures "Decathlete" and "Winner", he received the silver medal in the sculpture competition from the International Olympic Committee in 1936. Breker was one of Martin Guy’s closest friends during his time in Paris. Today Montecristo has an amazing plethora of Breker's works, such as lithographs, sculptures, autographed books, sketches and many more

The Multi-Talented Guy Martin

In 1984, I began to expand my activities from Fine Art. At that time, I obtained in Senlis, a suburb of Paris, the internationally recognized CIFAF (Centre Internacional de Formación d'Art Floral). 
It is essential to treat nature with the highest respect. You must have a sense of the real value of each plant. Only then can they show their perfect beauty and shine in perfect harmony within their environment. According to this premise, I design Arte Floral. I only use natural materials, such as metal, stone or glass. As an autodidact, I have gradually perfected my welding skills, which has left some scarring on my body.
My sculptures became larger and more complex over time. Patience and perseverance is required to bring together countless filigree parts over days or even weeks until they obtain their perfect form. I used the green oasis of Montecristo as my muse. If possible, I try to create artworks by recycling as well for example in the sculpture "The illumined man" from 2003 (Torso, illuminated 2.5 meters).
The sculpture “Cosmopolite”, from 2012, combines wood, glass, bottles, stones and metal. It’s a beacon for the beauty of diversity as well as tolerance and mutual respect of people. There is no front or back, no right or wrong. The individual materials retain their individual character, yet are connected into one unified whole. 
In 2009, I created one of my first female figures with "Madame Mystère". It was a big challenge to reveal the mystery woman.
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