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Martin Guy’s desire to publish his own illustrated book manifested almost a year earlier. But it should not be a boring book like an encyclopaedia.

With his sensational book "Jardin Secret", Guy Martin has successfully taken the reader on an intellectual journey that they will want to experience again and again. His work proves why artists and creative minds have been inspired by nature for centuries. This illustrated book, with its high-quality sophisticated photographs not only shows special and unusual plants, it shows the fascination with its many facets, which are not to exceed in creativity. "Jardin Secret" teaches you to feel nature; to see it with a different pair of eyes which develops their personality with their inexhaustible energy.

Inspiration without limits

In this illustrated book, Guy drifts between the real world and his nature-inspired imagination; without passing judgment but to simply enjoy the nature in its purity. To capture this visual imagery, several international photographers have been contracted, such as, Eric Jan de Ruiter (Netherlands), Erich Ruczkowski (Austria), Andrea Stollberg (Germany) and Renate Moravec (Austria). I’d like to give a special mention to the young (15 years old) and talented photographer, Elena Sophie Gräser. The various points of view implemented, gave this illustrated book a very interesting tone. We wish you great reading pleasure.

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The way is the goal.....

Because to stand still is to regress, the next work is already in progress. This will be a tour of the culinary world; however, in this journey Andreas Dacke will be the protagonist and Guy Martin will excel with his floral wonders the culinary and visual delights. However, it will be a limited edition. Whoever would like this special edition illustration book, signed by Andreas Dacke, Guy Martin and Julia Major, may reserve a copy here.

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