The Secret Garden of EDEN

On your journey through the four-hectare site, you will enjoy thousands of exotic, tropical and native plants, such as the orchid collection, cacti, fruit trees, shrubs, succulents, flowers, herbs, medicinal plants as well as aquatic plants. The majority of botanical plants are identified by their Latin name and country of origin.


Indulge in this revitalizing getaway, and allow your soul to rest in one of the many wonderful niches with stunning views of the lake, the pond or under a shady spot - you will surely rejuvenate in this oasis of relaxation
Accompanying you every step of the way through the charming terraced area, is the art. Sculptures from international artists blend harmoniously with mother nature, and some are even available for purchase. Finish, or start, your day with one of the many magnificent international creations from Andreas Dacke, the head chef of the restaurant "Grand Trianon” where many of the fresh ingredients come directly from our own garden in Montecristo.


Enjoy our oasis of peace!
Note: No chemicals are used on the property of Montecristo. The art objects are made exclusively from natural materials.
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