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Auf etwa vier Hektar Fläche haben wir für Sie etwa 1.500 verschiedene Pflanzen zusammengetragen, wie z. B. Orchideen-Sammlung, Kakteen, Sukkulenten, Sträucher, Blumen, Heilpflanzen, Kräuter sowie über 70 Sorten Fruchtbäume).

The open-air chapel at Montecristo offers a beautiful setting for a romantic wedding, vow renewals or for a marriage proposal. Here you have all of the possibilities you can imagine, with or without catering.

Upon request, we can provide a unique artistic floral arrangement, personally created by the Master florists, Guy Martin.

Montecristo offers wonderful scenery for your special day year-round, so it will be an unforgettable experience. We have hosted various ceremonies from around the world, from the classic wedding to a same-sex marriage.

We will be glad to assist you with the on-site organization.

Please contact us to keep the availability of your desired dates.


Required documents for a wedding in the Canary Islands for those who are not Spanish residents:

• Birth certificate (issued by the civil registry of your birthplace);

Certificate of no impediment of marriage (on an international form) from your registry office;

• If one of the partners lives in the Canary Islands: Registration certificate (Empadronamiento), stating their personal data and address;

• Request for marriage, signed by both partners; If one of the partners was previously married: previous marriage certificate and proof that the marriage was either annulled or divorced; If one of the partners doesn’t live in the Canary Islands: Registration certificate of the past two years confirming that he/she has been registered as unmarried.

• All documents must be submitted with a certified Spanish translation. Two witnesses over the age of 18 must be present at the ceremony. If the partners do not speak Spanish, a certified interpreter is required. An international marriage certificate may be issued by the Spanish registry office.

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