Just a few kilometres away from the hustle and bustle of Maspalomas is Montecristo; an enchanting microcosm perfectly suited for nature-lovers seeking a relaxing, art influenced atmosphere.

Guy Martin and Andreas Dacke are the creators of this "Garden Eden", which is one of the most beautiful botanical parks in Gran Canaria and where art combines with nature.

Guy Martin was born in 1951 as the son of a French father and a Dudweilerin. His great love of nature was manifested in his childhood, inspiring him to became a master florist. His exceptional talent led him to Paris, where soon the "Who is Who" of the Paris scene; such as, the legendary Maria Callas or Gracia Patricia, who requested unique, stunning flower arrangements from Guy. 
In 1984 he led an international school of floral design where he filled the world's largest halls on his tours. His Live Art Floral Demonstrations were always completely booked, from Korea and Japan to Australia and the USA. Guy Martin also published numerous illustrated books. His latest project "Jardin Secret" is proof of his extraordinary artistic talent that hits the ravages of time once again.
Enjoy your virtual visit at Finca Montecristo!
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